About Us

The Spectrum Insurance Group

Established in the summer of 1975 as a one-man operation, The Spectrum Insurance Group has grown into one of the premier insurance planning and consulting firms in the region. From our offices in Howard County, Maryland, we serve the entire Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio areas. Craig Fyfe is the Founder and President of The Spectrum Insurance Group.

Our Service

Offering competitive, comprehensive benefit plans is crucial to employers in their efforts to attract and retain the best employees.

We apply our wealth of knowledge and resources to advise our clients on the best methods to design, manage, and finance their employee benefits program. We implement customized strategies and solutions employing the most effective blend of risk mitigation, risk-retention, risk transfer, and advanced risk financing.

There is an equation underlying employee health plans which, although simple, is rarely understood and almost never acted upon: The total cost of the health plan is a direct result of the health risks within the insured population and the degree to which those risks are properly identified and treated.

Our Clientele

For our larger clients, where claims information is available, we help control and manage healthcare costs through the proactive management of health risks within their enrolled population. For these larger companies, the Spectrum Insurance Group, serves benefit plan sponsors who understand, as we do, that real healthcare savings, as well as improvements in productivity, are achieved by improving the health status of employees and health plan members.

For small and mid-size organizations that need state-of-the-art solutions, but do not have dedicated human resource departments, The Spectrum Insurance Group serves a critical role. Our strategy is structured to recognize the distinctive requirements and buying styles of these organizations, versus corporations with human resource departments.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to help clients manage their total employee compensation cost rather than simply brokering employee benefit plans. Our solutions involve much more than just the cost of insurance premiums; our approach is increasingly consultative in nature.

This solutions-oriented approach goes beyond traditional employee benefit programs to encompass strategies that can help increase your revenue growth, enhance your net income, and strengthen your balance sheet.